Kudos from Forbes

Ph.D. in Cognitive Science from Brown


Design for music software used by Grammy-winning producers and artists earning kudos from Forbes and a rare 10/10 from Computer Music 


Founder @ Mind + Form

Founder & Writer of Writings at Mind + Form (, guest lecturer

Expert on UX for emerging technologies including virtual reality, eye-tracking, and motion-tracking



VR + Grant Funding from NASA

Earned competitive grant funding from NASA and Brown's Brain Science Program for my work on visual perception and human spatial memory, and I worked on research projects funded by the NIH and NSF. For my dissertation I put people in geometrically impossible mazes using virtual reality.


Featured by American Songwriter

I've been interviewed by Paste Magazine and American Songwriter. My band Echo & Drake received two New England Music Award nominations, radio airplay in the UK, Japan, Australia, and more.


MIT Media Lab and More

Speaking at numerous conferences and academic settings including the MIT Media Lab, UMass Lowell, and Stanford University, covering a range of topics including architecture, robotics, cognitive science, UX, and music.